I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS is what my face looked like today:

I FINALLY did it!!!
BOO to the YAH!!
What did I do you ask??
this whole semester I've kind of been drooling over this incredibly adorable man in one of my classes.
He always sits in front of me and every time I see him, I say to myself...
"Self, you need to talk to this man."
But EVERY TIME, I fail.
today was different!!! :)
*insert dramatic tone*
It was our last class together. I just HAD to talk to him. It was either that or live with the fact that I was a chicken. That was definitely NOT going to happen.
I was going to give up entirely, but THEN
he walked in and sat right next to me! GAH!
I knew it was divine providence. I was SUPPOSED to talk to this man.
I FINALLY DID!!!! It was an incredibly awkward conversation on my part. I thought I might have just passed out from my heart beat coming out my ears. SOOOO I wasn't really thinking straight. But I did it. I talked to him.

To be truthfully honest: this isn't just about talking to a cute boy. I'd subconsciously made it a goal and I did it!!! It kind of gives me a little bit of a boost. Kind of like "Hey, you can set a goal and you can accomplish it". :) WAY TO GO GIRL!!!! :) :)


  1. Swirls, I love you. This post is as adorable as you are. Also, I am proud of you! :) Well done ma'am, well done.

  2. Oh yeah :) best feelings, talking to a cute boy, and accomplishing a goal. You are absolutely adorable! :)