ya know when a man holds a door open for you?? Yeah, that kinda ROCKS!! :)

Yes, I counted!
FIVE guys held the door open for me today.
I was amazed.
Sometimes I'm surprised by the simple acts of kindness being displayed throughout campus.
SOOO here's a door-hold story for you....:)
     Today I needed to go to the library and study.
Begrudgingly, I started walking. Right before I got to the door, a boy came out of the door in quite a hurry. 
AND ya know what he did? 
Come on. Guess.
You failed, because what he did was he pushed the little handicapped button that keeps the door open. 
And he did it just for me.
Thoughtful, right?
I totally counted it as a door-hold because I thought it was AWESOME!!!
Another time today, this REALLY cute guy held TWO doors open for me 
AND ANOTHER time...well....I guess you get the picture. 

There's nothing more impressive then when a guy holds the door open for you. AND NOT because you're on a date. When a guy holds the door open for you on a date, it feels a little forced because it's "expected" of him. But I'm talking about the kind of door-hold when you least expect it.
My favorite is when a guy is walking in front of you and you're heading into the same building. He looks over his shoulder and when you approach the door, he holds it open for you. OH MY HECK! SOOOO sweet!!! :) :)

I love random acts of kindness. They just make my whole day. :) :) 
BUT it kind of helps if there's a cute boy involved. :) 

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