Mario Cart to the MAX!

Whenever I come home for the weekend, there's always a list of things I need to get done.
#1 Laundry.
#2 Breathing in the sweet Idaho air. 
#3 Talking the small town talk with my BFF Sadie.
 #4 MARIO CART!!!!!!!!
I convinced my mom to buy it for Christmas this year and I've been completely addicted. 
Me? Addicted to a "video game"?
I know.
Super crazy.
I love it. :)
I love playing with my little brother.
He gets really into it. I get really into it too so, we just like being into it together. :)
Plus, my little brother and I are super competitive when it comes to Mario Kart. He usually beats me, but hey, it's just Mario Kart, right?? 

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