The Middle

Have any of you ever watched The Middle?

If you haven't...you should.
It's one of my favorite TV shows. (After Once Upon A Time of course)
The Middle is about a family with two boys and a girl and their daily struggles in life.
My favorite character?
The daughter: Sue.

This is her doing her victory dance. SOO funny.
she's a complete nerd.
Now, the reason I'm talking about this show is because of an episode where Sue gets her first boyfriend.
It's Valentine's Day and Max (her boyfriend) goes to kiss her.
Sue's face goes from complete enjoyment to utter repulsion.
Because Max used his tongue. (ha!)
Sue is completely disgusted and goes into her house and tells her mom:

Sue: Mom, Max used his tongue.
Frankie (her mom): What do you mean?
Sue: When Max kissed me he used his tongue. It was disgusting.
Frankie: Uhh...Sue, that's called French Kissing.
Sue: (confused) Well...if he wants to kiss internationally that's his own problem.
Frankie: No Sue, that's part of a relationship.
Sue: What? No! It's disgusting. It's like he put an eel down my throat. (sue stops & thinks) Do you and dad French kiss?
Frankie: silence

Sue: Ewww! Mom!!

SOOO funny! I'm glad I don't have to worry about having an eel go down my throat. ;)

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