Hunter Hayes Obsesh

I'm not a country girl.
I'm an Idaho girl. There's a difference.
The difference being country music.
There are only certain types of country music that I find acceptable.
Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, Scotty McCreery, and Carrie Underwood are acceptable.
Brad Paisley, not so much.
Hunter Hayes.

Oh baby is he acceptable!
Yes. He looks like he's twelve. (By the way, he happens to be nineteen.)
However, his voice is so dreamy.
His songs are dreamy too.
This kid knows how to serenade.
Obsesh is on the way.


  1. Oh my word yessss Hunter Hayes is amazing! My friend and I were about to go see his concert in Minneapolis but it didn't work out. He does look like a cute little 12 year old doesn't he? haha