Imma Copy-Cat

I'm totally copy-catting Ashley for this post.
But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?
Plus, she asked me what my top 5 things were this week.

Numba 1: I finally met my mysterious roommate!!
I thought it was super sketchy that I hadn't met her yet, but it turns out she was just visiting her hometown of Cincinnati.
She is SOO nice! I judged too harshly & way too soon.

Numba 2: I really dislike my job. 
I feel like my co-workers slash managers hate me.

Numba 3: I've been running every single day for a week!! I'm so proud of me!
(instagram: follow me @fashioncrime)

Numba 4: I got a Blender Bottle, say what?!
(instagram: follow me @fashioncrime)
My cousin got me a Blender Bottle for my birthday a couple of weeks ago
I've made WAY too many concoctions in that thing.
I've been drinking orange juice & ice cream for weeks.

Numba 5:  Sometimes me and Becky talk.
And sometimes all we talk about is boys.
Yay for boys!


  1. i'm quite jealous of you, that you've been going running every day for a week. i really need to get back in the habit of that!!
    xo TJ

    1. Well...I need a running buddy. :) Sooo can we be internet running buddies? :)