Look At This Place!! dream [65] designs

I'm so stoked.
I mean, look at this place!!
It's SOO cute, right?!
I'm in love with the new look.
It's all thanks to this beautiful girl:

Mother {at} Heart
Miss Shaylee from Mother At Heart
She's SOO cool.
PLUS she rocks at doing blog designs.
Go check her out!
Her design site is dream [65] designs.
She is such a great person and I LOVED working with her!
She's super prompt, helpful, friendly, and adorable.
What more could you want?!
Also, she's super tech savvy, which in my book is exactly what I needed when doing a blog design.
Mostly, I just really like her.
Slash I totally might have met her today in PERSON!
Be jealous.

P.S. Any of you lovely ladies who have my old button, if you could just swap it out with one of my new ones, that would be AWESOME!!! :) Thanks!


  1. Awww! {blushing, grinning, still-can't-believe-I-met-you-today-ing!!} You're the best, Elisabeth!! Thanks for the shoutout, and ADORE you!!! :) :)