My Viewpoint on Men

First off,
I want you to read this post.
Mostly because it's awesome & mostly because I love Nicole.
My favorite quote from that same post:
(Because I know you didn't actually read it.)

"I’ll admit that we women are bit of a struggle at times, but at the very core of who we are there is a great deal of love, respect, appreciation and awe at how amazing and impressive you can be."--Nicole Shepard.

I wholeheartedly agree with her. Men are pretty darn impressive, even when they don't try to be. There are so many righteous examples of boys in my life who know who they are and what their potential is. Not only does it help me be a better person, but it helps every single girl around them. 
Boys have such an extreme influence on girls and how they act.
I admit, I do certain things so that a boy will like me. Every girl does.
So, that's why you boys have to be such stalwart examples.
I know it's a lot of pressure, but it's the truth.
To the boys out there who are doing their very best, thanks.
You deserve every cookie that I can bake.


  1. Did you have a good date tonight? If so, keep him around!

    1. Goodness gracious, I wish!! :) More like, I read WAY too many dating blogs. ;) haha