That One Picture Where I'm A Babe

I think Tina is brilliant, Emily needs to open her eyes, Jaiden is the sweetest boy in the world, Matt is stinkin' hilarious, I'm a babe, and Elise is gorgeous--note the perfection of her hair.
For what it's worth, life has been pretty stellar lately.


  1. My eyes started watering and freaking out right at that moment! It was terrible!

  2. She does indeed have perfect hair, but is her slip supposed to be showing? :-P

    1. Hahaha, we may or may not have discussed that slip and how sometimes people tell me my slip is showing just yesterday. It is, it's one of those extender slip things... when it's showing a little bit more, it totally looks normal. I promise. Maybe I should buy a longer one...

  3. Um. What. Emily was in my ward last year. Which means the small world just got even smaller.