Dating Tips To Myself

I know dating is frustrating for you, Elisabeth, but take a few tips from your main lady...*cough* YOURSELF!
1. BE PATIENT--this is a cardinal rule in dating and should be applied to your life. Just because you're not dating anybody right now doesn't mean it won't happen eventually. Don't rush anything. Go with the flow and take it day by day. You'll end up happier and more satisfied that way.
2. BE A FRIEND---you would never want to date somebody that you can't be friends with. Build a friendship first because that's what's going to make a relationship last. Romance is just a nice side dish.
3. DON'T JUDGE---there are a lot of reasons for things to happen in dating. Don't judge any of those reasons. Don't judge what the other person does and don't judge how you feel or what you're doing. Just be happy with whatever you choose and if you like him, go for it. If you don't, life will continue and time is a great healer.
4. DON'T ACT DIFFERENTLY---be yourself! You should never be embarrassed about who you are, what you say, or what your opinions are because those characteristics are unique to you. Nobody else is just like you!
5. LEARN---learn from everything! Learn from your mistakes, learn from your parents, learn about the good and bad about dating, learn from your experiences rather than the experiences of others. Learn about being kind, charitable, and honest.
Ya got that, Elisabeth? Okay. Good. Now, go & do!


  1. My name is Katie and I support this post. My dating life is always better when I forget about it and start sincerely living/enjoying my life on my own. Go get 'em Tiger!

  2. haha. You are so cute! Dating tips to yourself. I love it. I bet you're a charm to date. And now I'm determined to set you up with some of my single guys up there. Wahoo!

  3. Oh little Elisabeth Gee. I adore you!

  4. This is hilarious! But you have good advice for yourself, listen to it! Especially the be yourself part!

  5. Becca, Listen to Elisabeth's advice. Thank you and goodnight.