Find Him & Date Him

There are some seriously amazing people out there!
I walked into my Communication Research Methods class today and I saw this boy in the front row with not one but THREE packages of white roses.
I thought: "What the schmek! What does he need three packages of roses for?!"
But then I realized...he was giving a white rose to every girl in our class!!

(Becky & I with our white roses!)
I was seriously in awe. What a freakin' sweetheart!!
And when I texted the picture of my rose to every person in my phone, one of my friends texted back and said:
"Find him and date him."
I shoulda given him a huge kiss on the cheek!
How was your Valentines day?!


  1. Loves it http://natwest-thatgirl.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. I had a skype date. Does that count?

    Lucky girl!! White roses are presh!