Guest Post: Mindy from Best.Day.Ever!

Hello, friends of Elisabeth! 

My name is Mindy.

 I blog over at Best.Day.Ever. A blog that is, well, about the best days, the worst days and every day in between ... sprinkled with as much pink as possible!

But let's get some thing straight first.

I am not married.

I don't have kids.

I am not domestic. 

And I only do DIYs if a. I am bored and b. They take less than seven minutes.

Yet, that doesn't stop me from constantly trying to fit into the blogging world ... Recipes, my babies and even fashion, I will try it all. ;)

And fashion is what I decided to dip my toes into today, because, like, what else would I blog about on Elisabeth's blog?

While most things I do on my blog are quite ridiculous {click on the above links if you haven't already and you will know what I am talking about}, I am actually taking a tad more serious route today. Because, Elisabeth's blog deserves my best and a lower dose of the normal said amounts of ridiculousness. :)

So, without further adieu ... Today (!!) we are going to discuss some current fashion trends. And I really mean discuss! Do you like them? Would you ever wear them yourself? If so, how would you style them? 

 Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

1 // 2 // 3//

1// 2// 3//
1// 2// 3//

1// 2 // 3// 4 //

1// 2//

And with that, ready, set go! Comment away!

P.S. Thanks for reading! And if you are ever up for that regular does of ridiculousness, please visit me! And if you count up how many exclamation points were used in this post, I will give you 100 gold stars on my blog!


  1. I like the tulle skirts and I can picture me wearing one, but I don't have one. All the other things are a no for me. I like some of them (graphic shirts and maybe the leggings????? on some people, maybe) but I don't dress like that right now. I'm pretty plain.

  2. Mindy, I went to your blog and saw a picture of you wearing pants with flames on them. So, we're friends now. And now my thoughts on all of the above...Graphic Leggings, I would definitely wear depending on the graphic. I love 1 and 2 up there, not sure about the galaxy part for the 3rd pair. Wedge sneakers, probably never. Studded jeans, probably always (but I fear I'd managed to puncture my own body somehow, letsbehonest). Tulle skirts, yes on the right occasion. Like a New Year's party. Graphic tees, chya! Camo...undecided. Maybe no?

  3. I love tulle skirts! Heading now to check out her blog :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    The Hartungs Blog