Faith, Trust, & Maybe A Little Pixie Dust

I struggle so much with the natural man.
I have gotten so many strong spiritual promptings lately about where my life is supposed to go, but I don't want my life to go that way.
And to be honest, it's completely heartbreaking.
I always thought that I had this rock solid faith.
I always thought that nothing could deter how I viewed Jesus Christ, my Savior, and Redeemer.
But I was wrong.
I have such a strong testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but sometimes Satan gets the best of me.
My natural man craves to have what I want, although my spirit tells me something completely different.
How is that even possible?!
How is it possible for me to feel two completely different feelings at the same time?!
Obviously, it's totally possible.
When I started to feel this way, I started to look far into the future and I thought to myself "What will pay off in the end?"
I also began to realize that I can't sacrifice something that I want NOW for something that will be so much more rewarding later.
I found that as I was having this thought process that I had taken on an eternal perspective.
In young women's, the eternal perspective always seemed so distance and abstract. Yeah, you learned about it in church and it was always something that was discussed, but I didn't actually think I could ever claim it.
Boy, was I wrong!
Now more than ever, I have started claiming an eternal perspective.
From petty things like "If I eat those waffle fries right now, will I feel good about it tomorrow?"
"If I major in Public Relations, how is that going to affect my future family?"
Slowly but surely, I have begun to realize that having faith in whatever Heavenly Father has in store for me is so much more important than anything my natural man could ever want.
All it really takes is some faith & trust.
And maybe a little pixie dust.


  1. You're awesome. And smart. (And pretty).

    Seriously though, don't feel so bad about the natural man. Because, guess what, it's natural. And you didn't give in, you knew all along what was right and what was wrong and you fought those temptations. You relied on what you knew, you looked at all the options and did your research and you made your choice accordingly. That's the thing about agency, you get to do what you want. And through this whole process (including looking into what the natural man had to offer) you decided what you really want. You're actually pretty on top of your game in my opinion.

  2. Everyone goes through this, and if they haven't they are 1. lying, or 2. haven't thought deeply about their religion and their lives :) At the end of the day, no matter how "good" or "right" or even "confusing" the Church may seem, the only true converter is the Spirit. If you have felt the Holy Ghost, there really isn't much more that you have to know then that. That feeling is the only tangible truth we have, and boy is it true.

  3. First, I love that you're so honest.

    Second, It's true. We all feel that way, and it's the whole point of this life to figure out how to say no to the natural man and how to say yes to something more, something harder, something better. I struggle with this every day (don't we all!), and it's the process that matters.

    Third, I just love you, and

    Fourth, I love this post.

    1. Thanks, Brooke!! You are wonderful!! :) I love you too cute girl! :)

  4. I remember learning about the natural man. And not that it's FINE to feel that way, but it's normal, hence the word, "Natural man." Because we all feel that way. We are all drawn toward that way. And the fact that you're noticing that is a big deal. Satan tries so hard the more we try. Just pray your heart out. AT LEAST twice a day. God will lead you. And after this trial of yours is over, or even before that, you'll see it.