When Your Childhood Friend Gets Married...

From left to right: Lindsay, Shelby, Carlee, and Me. We were the best of friends growing up and we still are friends!
(Look at my ombre!!)
Carlee the beautiful bride! Love her so much!
(Shelbafoo. Love this girl)

When my childhood best friend Carlee got married a couple weeks ago, I started thinking about all the stuff we wouldn't be able to do anymore.
Like ride our bikes on the street.
And sleep out on my trampoline.
Or have Dr. Pepper burping contests (I mean, what?)
Or watch Emperor's New Groove and quote the whole thing all the way through.
Or laugh and laugh until our abs hurt and the tears streamed down our face.
Or eat ice cream with hot chocolate powder on top. (Try it. It's freakin' good)
And then I started thinking, "Wait! We can still make memories! It'll just include a few extra people!"
Now, I think about all the things we will be able to do.
Like exchange our favorite recipes.
And laugh and laugh and laugh about the stupid things our husbands slash kids say and do.
Or go camping together.
Or go shopping using our husband's well-earned money.
Or let our kids have sleepovers together.

Yeah. That sounds pretty good. Dontcha think?

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