Ready or Not Designs Print Giveaway!

So we all know how much I love Bri!

She is such a gem and one of the funniest people I know.
Also, she has a little peanut in her belly and I'm SOO excited for her!

Not only is she pretty much awesome, but she designs the most ADORABLE prints!
Her shop is called 3eleven designs. Check it out!

She designed this state print for me and I absolutely LOVE it!! :)
And lucky you....you get to enter to win your very own custom state print!!
Cause please, who wouldn't want an adorable print like this?

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  1. love this! obviously i live in utah, but i think i'm going to want a print of the next state we're going to live in!!

  2. cute! i'd love to have a state print of a state that our family loves to visit on vacation! thanks for the giveaway!!

  3. So adorable! I would love to have a print of my home state of Pennsylvania! (:

  4. Wow, you ARE an official blogger! Giveaways and everything. I hope you know I love your blog and always read it, even if I don;t comment ;)

    As for if I win... Arizona state, all the way!

  5. I hope I win. I won her prints once and never got them :'( sad day.

    1. PS I live in Utah but want an Idaho print :)

  6. Adorable! As you know, I live in Utah. I love these!

  7. I live in Utah, but I think I would want a New York print because that is where my brother is serving his LDS Mission!

  8. A star on Logan in Utah would be BEAUTIFUL. GO AGGIES. :)

  9. I could use me a new California something or other :)

  10. Katie is not allowed to have a California one.

    AZ all the way!!!! :)

  11. That is super cute! I wonder if she's ever done a Nebraska one?!

    XX, Lizzy

  12. Cool giveaway! :D I live in North Carolina! :)