Reasons Why I'm Not Married (Don't Freak. These Are Good Reasons.)

As I was on my nightly run yesterday, I started thinking about why I'm not married.
It's not because there's something wrong with me or I'm not pretty enough and blah, blah, blah...

It's because there are vital lessons that I have needed to learn. And I wouldn't have learned them had I been married.

Vital Lesson #1: FAMILY! I needed to realize how extremely important family is. I believe that if I had gotten married before I learned this lesson, that I would miss so many important blessings in my life. Family is EVERYTHING. And I would never be anywhere without the support and love of my family.

Vital Lesson #2: I HAVE WORTH
Somewhere in the back of my mind, I always thought that to feel like I would ever have worth in the eyes others, I had to be loved by someone of the opposite sex, however, I have learned that having worth has NOTHING to do with someone of the opposite sex. It's ALWAYS about you. It's about how YOU perceive yourself. I still struggle daily, but I've become so much more comfortable and confident with the person I am.

Vital Lesson #3: FRIENDS
I can't even begin to describe to you the amazing friends I have made here at Utah State. Once upon a time, I thought about switching schools, but I can't believe I even contemplated that because the friends I have made here have changed my life and helped me become a better person. If I had been married, I wouldn't have so many amazing friends! :)

Vital Lesson #4: SCHOOL IS AWESOME
I finally found a major I am completely in love with! And I wouldn't have been able to discover that if I had been married. I needed to learn the value of education and how important it is to work hard to gain that education.

But really...

There are thousands of other reasons for why I'm not married. Reasons I don't even know about yet! All I know is that I AM AWESOME. I AM WORTH IT. and I AM A DAUGHTER OF GOD. 


  1. Did you know that at Utah State 50% of students (that includes men and women) get married before they graduate? And Utah state has the highest percentage of married graduates second only to BYU-Idaho. Which means 50% is SUPER HIGH. So if you think about it, you shouldn't have to feel pressure of getting married yet! In fact I don't think you should feel that pressure until Heavenly Father starts letting you feel it. And even though I am married and I am so glad that I am, when I was in your spot, marriage wasn't right for me. Then down the road it was. My point is, whether someone is ready at age 18 or age 30, it is between you and your Father in Heaven, and you don't need to feel pressure in any way. Love ya girl, and I am glad you love the spot in life you are in :)

  2. I feel like I could've written a nearly identical blog post a few years ago. We should've hung out more when we were neighbors. :)

  3. I feel like I've had to learn all of these too! Seeing the value in myself was probably the most difficult thing to learn, but oh so worth it. And you're totally right that it can be a daily battle.

    I really want to write a novel of a comment, but I won't...but just so you know, every point hits the nail directly on the head :)

  4. Love this! I so cherish my single days, because they taught me so much about who I am. And they were all things I needed to know before I found someone else to share my life with.

  5. Your thought-provoking posts are so amazing. I love reading posts like this :)

  6. Girl, I love your reasons! You are so spot on. It's funny, because I had to learn all of those things while I was still single. Learning those things makes a marriage way better. I happy for you that you have had those realizations. You will be so much better off for it. :)

  7. Girl, you are amazing!! Learning and knowing these things before getting married is actually going to help you have a better/happier marriage! I think a lesson we ALL need to learn is to enjoy the moment. Enjoy where you're at in life! Don't be wishing for the past, or trying to fast forward to the future, you know? And you are totally enjoying each moment!!

  8. I loved the way that a friend of mine once put that very idea. She called them our single lessons. We have to learn all of our single lessons before we can get married and be happy. I would always giggle that I felt like I was the pro at being the last single lesson for a lot of guys I dated. It happened 4 times where I would be kind of dating a guy and then we'd break it off, and within a month they all started dating the girls they eventually married. hah. Funny how that happens. But really I agree with this post. I am so thankful for all my single lessons, because they have helped me be happier in marriage. Love you girl!

  9. I'm not married either and THOSE look like they could be pretty much some of my reasons too! My biggest reason is that I want to be fully prepared (especially financially and career-wise) for it, you know? I'm very proud of you for prioritizing your education not only b/c I'm doing that too (twinners!), but also b/c many other gals forego their edus and careers, and in my opinion, get married too young, you know? (And for what?)

    So by pursuing my 2nd B.S. and grad school and investing, and whatever, I want to show my future husband that I took care of business and don't depend on anyone else--which would essentially make him take me off the market asap, right ;)?

    There's NOthing wrong with waiting. God doesn't give us more than we can handle, and what He does give us, He gives us at the exact time we needed it.

    XO, doll!

  10. You're a rockstar. I love love love this post and I love you even more. (And I'm still obsessed with that picture of us.)

  11. HEY! A picture at my reception made the blog! Woot woot!