Mistakes & Failure

I've been making a lot of mistakes lately.
The kind of mistakes that make me feel like an utter failure.

On Sunday, I dropped my phone and the screen cracked. Soooo there's $200 down the drain. And then later I realized I had cracked the face of one of my watches. Y'all better watch out because I'm really good at breaking stuff. 

On Monday, I lost a really expensive piece of equipment for one of my classes. It was going to cost $165 to replace it. I was sick.

Then on Tuesday, I was at work and made some really bad mistakes regarding rules that I'm supposed to follow. I feel sick about it still and I'm not sure how that's all going to pan out...

For one of my other classes, I had to interview people for an article I'm writing and dang. Some people are so mean. I was appalled by rude this guy I talked to was. It was completely out of my comfort zone.

I have no relief from homework. I am constantly doing homework and I have to be paranoid about my homework because I really, really, really want to get an A in my classes. Basically, I'm stressed.

However, on Monday night my ward had a fireside. Like a literal one....and a figurative one. A bishop from a different ward came and spoke to us while we were at a campfire. (Hilarious, right?) Anyway, while he was speaking, he was talking about how he had cancer. He said there were many times when him and his wife would say like they do in Matthew..."Lord, save us." He explained how scary it was. Well Monday night, after I had lost that expensive equipment for my class, I went into the institute bathroom and sobbed. Mostly because I felt so incredibly bad and because all the mistakes I have been making are completely my own. I can't blame anyone else for what happened. 

Through tears, I plead "Lord, save me." I don't know why or what prompted me to, but I did.


Today, I found the expensive piece of equipment and now no longer have to pay anything. HALLEUJAH!

And while my phone is still cracked and my homework is still there and my work probably wants to fire me, the Lord saved me. Because Jesus Christ knows me. He knows my name and he knows exactly what I need. So while this next semester isn't going to be easy, that's okay. Because I've got the Lord on my side.


  1. This is amazing. YOU are amazing. I love reading the "mistakes" quotes on Pinterest because they always make me feel a little better about making them. The Lord really is on our side. I love this post, so much, Elisabeth!!

  2. Ah hooray!!!! :) Thanks for sharing your story! :) I'm so glad you found your piece of equipment, even if the other stuff is still wrong :P

  3. I hope the rest of your semester goes better! Glad you found that piece of equipment. Thanks for sharing your story you hang in there girl <3 Love ya~

  4. I love this. Sometimes we just need to be saved from some things, amid all the other things we need to buckle down and barrel through. That sounds like a fireside I would have liked! I think you need a sno cone with Elise and Nichelle.

  5. Like.

    P.S. This might not be the time to tell you ... if not, pretend I didn't. :) Udder = where cows get milked from. Utter = complete, absolute.


  6. I am so sorry that all of this happened to you!! :) I too plead with the Lord often, to save me, from other personal things, but a lot of them are work and school, just like you. Thanks for sharing that beautiful picture of our Savior. It truly brought comfort to me.

  7. Elisabeth!! You are so inspiring!! I always feel like a better, happier person after reading your blog! I am so sorry all those things happened to you!

  8. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. What a great message and powerful testimony. The Lord truly does hear our prayers! What a great tender mercy.