My "Mom" Checklist

Last Sunday in church, the sacrament meeting talks were all from the converts in our ward.
Holy moly. Talk about amazing! I teared up multiple times and I was so incredibly impressed by the testimonies of those converts! I felt like they had better a testimony than me and I've been Mormon my whole life!

One thing that really struck me though was when Carlos (one of the converts) said that when he was investigating the church, he thought about what kind of father he wanted to be.

And ya know what? That got me thinking about the kind of MOM I want to be.

So instead of doing a checklist for what type of boy I want to fall in love with, I'm doing to do a checklist for the type of MOM I want to be.

Ahem...let's begin.

First and foremost, I will get up and make breakfast for my kids every morning. My mom always did this growing up and while I hated it at the time because she made me eat breakfast, I love it now because it showed that she cared enough to get out of bed and make a meal for me.

Dinner Time is Family Time.
I always appreciated this about my family. There wasn't a day that went by that we didn't eat dinner together as a family on the kitchen table with plates, cups, and utensils. I plan on continuing this in my own family.

Always, always, always read my scriptures.
I always want to be in tune with the spirit. Because if I'm going to be a mom, gosh darn it, I better be close to the spirit! I want to be able to receive revelation for my family and to effectively help my children when they need it.

My children come first.
Sometimes my priorities get a little mixed up and I don't always put the things first that need to come first. But it will be completely different with my children. My children will be the focus of my attention (besides my husband) and I will make sacrifices for them because that's what my parents do for me.

If my child has a soccer game, I will be there! If my child has an incredibly boring flute recital, I will be there! If my child is in college and needs $25, I will give it to them! If my child decides to be in Marines, you bet I'll be with them every step of the way. I want my children to know I fully support any decision they make.

I will stand up for my children.
When I was a junior in high school, my friends and I were practicing a skit for a competition we were in. We didn't have anywhere to practice so we decided to go practice at the church. We didn't have keys, but we thought it might be open anyway. We found an open door and when we got inside, there was a Relief Society meeting going on in the gym. As my friend and I quietly slipped by, a woman was in the hallway and became very angry with us and told us that we needed to leave now. It was completely terrifying. The lady even called my bishop about it. (It was totally blown out of proportion). I didn't know this at the time, but when the lady called my mom, my dad told me that my mom let her have it. My mom stood up for me left and right. Coolest thing ever.

I'm sure I'll add to this list more and more as the years go on, but I love being able to think about motherhood and strive to become the best mother I can be.


  1. I like the part where your mom stood up for you! Getting in trouble over silly things is silly. She's a good mom.

  2. You're amazing! I love how open & honest you are.

  3. This is great!!! :) You always inspire me to be a better person :)

  4. What a great list!! I love the breakfast/dinner ideas, especially. Hopefully I can do those... I can get lazy. :)

  5. I definitely agree with the Dinner Time is Family Time. My mom was always big on that because we barely ever got to have family dinners. My dad is a firefighter so he would have to work 24 hours at a time. So when he was home, we'd make sure to make the time special!

    Wonderful post!
    xoxo, Lizzy

  6. I am way too lazy to make breakfast every morning, Shawn's mom always did and I totally feel the pressure to when our kids are old enough to eat at the table. Hopefully I show my love in other areas to make up for it. haha