Why I HATE School...Or Maybe Love It

I'm majoring in Public Relations and dang it! It is the coolest thing ever!
I was sitting in a three hour long class today about social media and I didn't look at my phone ONCE.
I was SOO interested in everything that was being said. 

I mean...who does that?!

So obviously. I love it.

But I started taking this other class annnndddd I hate it. So much. It's so hard and makes me feel like a moron and that I'm a super crappy writer and I can't make jokes and...well you get the picture.

However, I was walking home from class tonight and I was thinking (and jamming to Enrique Inglesias) and I thought "Why does this class make me feel this way? Because really, I'm a DANG GOOD writer!" 

And I had an epiphany of sorts..."I'm the only one holding myself back."

Yeah, the teacher swears a lot and it makes cringe.
Yeah, it sucks when I don't know the answer to a question I should clearly know the answer to.
Yeah, it blows when I find myself completely clueless about how to edit audio recordings.
But you know what?

I'm the only one that has the power to make myself feel inadequate. 
No situation or job or conversation has the power to do that except me.

So the next time my teacher swears, I'm gonna swear right back and tell him that DANG IT! I AM A GOOD WRITER.

Okay...I won't swear because let's be honest, I'd probably start crying if I did. But it's the thought that counts...:)


  1. You are absolutely right about it all being in your head! You got this. And at least the swearing will prepare you for working at a PR or ad agency someday! That industry loves them some F word. Unless you stay in Utah, maybe. Shrug.

  2. I love this! I was thinking about this sort of thing the other day too.
    And I love how you listen to Enrique Inglesias. So do I, my friend, So.Do.I.

  3. You go girl! I'm always impressed by your PR courses. They are HARD! I'm super proud of you! :)

  4. I want to come see you. And I'm jealous of you. Just sayin.

  5. Be inspired, not intimidated. That's my life mantra.

  6. When I was going to USU some of my favorite classes ended up being the ones that I struggled in, or hated the professor, or felt uncomfortable in. The reason why was because they were the classes that challenged me, that opened up my brain to new ways of thinking, that taught me wonderful things like patience, compassion, diligence, and tolerance. They made me get outside of myself and out of my own way. The strongest people grow through adversity.