Identifiable Traits of a Brigham City Boy

I have this thing.
This thing for Brigham City boys.
It's hilarious, really.
Because EVERY SINGLE YEAR a group of boys from Brigham City storm my ward.

So I've gotten to know a little bit about them.

If you identify any or all of these traits in a boy, that boy is most likely from Brigham City.

Brigham City boys are the nicest boys ever.
Seriously. They are the sweetest, kindest, most honorable boys you'll ever meet.

Brigham City boys travel in packs.
Whenever I meet a B.C. boy, either one or all of his roommates are from B.C. as well.
My neighbor Ryan (who happens to be from B.C.) told me that's probably because they're self conscious, but mostly it's because I think B.C. boys just like being around other B.C. boys. Cause really, who wouldn't?

Brigham City boys LOVE Peach Days.
I mean, everybody loves Peach Days, but B.C. boys REALLY LOVE Peach Days.

Brigham City boys are the friendliest boys.
Enough said.

Brigham City boys are endearingly awkward.
This is a compliment! They're so friggin adorable that they're just....ya know...endearingly awkward. It's a compliment. Just trust me.

Brigham City boys are attractive boys.
Brigham City breeds 'em well. B.C. boys are very good looking.

Brigham City boys love to run.
This could also include being super sporty and athletic.

Brigham City boys aren't pansies.
With the exception of Ryan (my neighbor), Brigham City boys love to try new things. They also actually take girls on dates, so they've got guts. 

Now, go and identify ALL the Brigham City boys! 


  1. Pretty accurate, including the last one, especially the last one.

  2. Haha darn it! I didn't get to meet some Brigham city boys when I was in Utah! by the way, I miss eating peach pies :)

  3. Dude, I've had two SERIOUS crushes on Brigham City boys. And I endorse this message. :)

  4. I am laughing. So hard. Because I completely agree with you here. Brigham City boys really are nice. And I think it's because they're from a small town. That sounds weird, but really. I dated a Brigham City boy once and he was so kind. So so kind. It wasn't there, but you know, I agree with Aleisha. I endorse this full-heartedly. haha!

  5. This is TRUE! I married a Brigham Boy and he is all of those things (well, he'll take Basketball over running...). :)

  6. I used to date B.C. boys, they were some of my favorites! :)