Let's Be Irreplaceable

In my multimedia class, my teacher assigned us a book called Linchpin by Seth Godin.
In this book, it explains that we need to be "linchpins" not "cogs" which means we need to be different. Irreplaceable, even. This is a competitive world and if we make our skills irreplaceable, we will be able to have security in our jobs, our income, and our lives.

Now, this is A LOT easier said then done. 
In fact, it's really hard.
Let me give you an example....I got demoted at my job this week (which is actually kind of a blessing but that's a different story). I thought I had the skills necessary to be irreplaceable in that job. Obviously, I didn't. There was a lot of communication errors and some misunderstanding, but it really got me thinking.

First, I started thinking about all the jobs I've had. And I've had a consistent job since I was 16 so that's about seven jobs. I got super down on myself and I realized that at most of those jobs, I totally wasn't irreplaceable. I was average. I was an average employee. I did what I needed to get by.

And that really bothered me. I'm capable of being extraordinary! I'm capable of being the kind of person that people need to have working for them.  Because when I feel average...I feel normal. And guess what? This life isn't about being normal!
Which is a COMPLETELY different mind set than what I have thought MY ENTIRE LIFE.
Because this is what I decided:


Life is about pushing yourself. It's about getting out of your comfort zone constantly so that you can create multiple comfort zones. It's about being SCARED out of your mind, but knowing that taking that risk will benefit you WAY more than staying in your shell. Life is about inadequacy. 

Life is about confidence and being okay with the unexpected things that life hands you.
This life isn't about fairness or perfect communication or comfort. 
What it really boils down to is this:


Life is about being that person who is irreplaceable not average. 

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  1. elisabeth. i miss you girl. you always have the most inspiring posts and i love it. plus you have killer style, always have, always will. love it:)