There is no one in the world who detests change as much as I do.
Ask my dad. He tells me daily that I need to be better at going with the flow.

But this semester has really made me realize how important change is! It's important for us to move on and become better and strong individuals. I believe that God didn't bring us here to earth to have life become predictable or normal. Change enables us to do things that we never thought we could.
It makes me believe that...

Guys, if any of you knew how excruciatingly hard this semester was for me, you would be amazed that I survived. I cried on the first day of one of the hardest classes of my life. Like outright bawled. Tears streaming down my face. In front of about 20 people including my teacher. Like...who does that? Even in 1st grade I had more control. A boy in my class told me yesterday that he just wanted to come over and hug me when I was crying. I mean...guys. It was hard. I got demoted at my job, I got accused of cheating, I lost some really good friends, I flirted with far too many boys, got my heart broken multiple times, and ate way too much Chick-Fil-A.

But guys...I SURVIVED! I did it! I survived these things that potentially could have ruined me. 

And instead of dwelling on these terrible things, I have been incredibly, incredibly, INCREDIBLY blessed.

I got a wonderful new job with great bosses and awesome hours. I got a really legit social media internship working with Utah Public Radio next semester. I made a buttload of SENSATIONAL friends (Lindsey & Jamie...LOVE YOU GIRLS!)

I have FANTASTIC roommates this year. Like beyond fantastic! They've put up with my crying and wailing about boys and my insane classes. 

I've been so blessed to have boys in my life that I can count on. Boys who are so willing to exercise their priesthood and not judge me when I cry in front of them. (Ahem...Sam Taylor...)

But most of all, I believe with all my heart that Heavenly Father has been watching out for me. So HUGE shout-out to the big guy upstairs who truly loves me despite my flaws.


  1. Umm...I love this...and you:) We made it!

  2. I totally cried in class this semester too! I felt super embarrassed. It sounds like life was super rough there for you for a while....but I'm glad things are looking up and God's bringing you to bigger and better things! :)