Doing The Right Thing

Well...this is it.
The part of life where I begin to realize there's a choice I've created for myself: the choice of right or wrong. 
Let me be frank, I've led a very protected life up until now. Heck, sex was a swear word to me when I was in high school. 

I have always known what the right thing to do was and I always chose to do the right thing because it wasn't hard. I had good friends and a good community who made it extremely easy to do the right thing.

Not that I don't have good friends and live in a good community now, but I've started to branch out. I've started to find my niche. But with that niche comes very specific choices for me to make. 

And it's the hardest thing. Because what's wrong is all too enticing. It comes with perks I've waited my whole life to have. It comes with safety and security (which I know is limited) and it comes with temporary happiness that I crave.

I'm being vague for a reason because it doesn't really matter what the situation at hand is.
What matters is that I believe we have all gone through experiences like this. Extremely specific experiences that make us question whether we have the capability to actually do the right thing. 

Darn that Satan. He's a mean old trickster and he's all too good at what he does.
But I want to proclaim something else...Heavenly Father is more aware of me at this time than he ever has been. He put my roommate Amy in my life to call me while I'm at Walmart to make sure I get there safely in the snow. He gave me parents who love me despite the choices I make. He let me have the hardest semester of my life so I could meet the people I needed to. He led me to a fabulous ward where I have made some of my best friends. 

Because while doing the wrong thing seems exciting now, being a daughter of God is so much better. And that's something to be right about. 


  1. I totally agree!! That's what I tried to explain in my post of the last 5 years of my life. Sometimes life doesn't always go as planned, but one thing for sure is that Heavenly Father is always one step ahead of us, and always has our best interest at heart. He knows us better than anyone and knows what we deserve and need before it even happens. How lucky are we!?!?

    Thanks for sharing love,xoxo

  2. This is super super amazing. And I don't doubt that you won't stay strong because when I think of you, I think of the girl who knows who she is and who stands for it. I remember experiencing those EXACT moments. And it's actually SUPER hard. It's allll a part of figuring out YOUR plan. Love you, E!