Teaching Vs. Acting

Dearest readers, you are in for a TREAT. Like homemade brownies & vanilla ice cream kind of treat because MADELINE IS IN THE HOUSE.

Madeline from P.S. My Name is Madeline is one of my favorite people on the earth! She is hilarious, intelligent, amazingly beautiful, blogs up a storm, and even teaches 4th grade. I mean...wonder woman here! So without further adieu...

We all know that teachers need to be paid more. It's a controversial topic. But why? What do teachers even do all day that constitutes the need to be paid extra moolah every month? And how much extra money should they make? Should they make as much as a doctor? As much as an engineer? As much as Donald Trump? I've been pondering, and I think I figured it out.

Teacher should be paid as much as actors. 

I know, I know, you're rolling your eyes, but just wait until you see my reasoning. It's fool proof.

We have the same job! Only I actually have to do my own hair and make-up!

Here we go:
1. Rumors: Actors are always dealing with the tabloids, radio shows, and late night tv rumors. They say it's so hard. That they want to keep their personal life "personal". Well, I have to deal with rumors too! Those kids are always talking about what I'm doing. If I was funny today, or if I let them make a cool craft, or if I gave them an extra recess. If I make them do hard work? You better believe they tell their friends. I'm constantly wondering if I'm still the "cool" teacher or if I've been trumped by someone else. My social status is precarious! It's decided by the aristocrats of the fourth grade! I've never been so talked about.

2. Critics: I am criticized on a daily basis! Granted, from peers it is usually constructive. But those little 10 year olds? They have a lot to say, and they are BRUTALLY honest. The other day, one little girl told me it looked like I hadn't brushed my hair! (I hadn't, but she didn't have to point it out...) And if I ask them to write a little more than usual, they shout to the high heavens. They point out my "weird" shirt, and tell me I look like I woke up on the "wrong side of the bed". I can't handle the pressure!

3. Great Acting: I am acting as soon as I walk in those greenish-blue doors. Let's be honest here everyone, I stayed at the school the night before until 5, and then went to bed at 10:30, only to wake up at 6:30 and lay in bed until 7:10 because I am too tired to move my body anywhere. I stumble to the bathroom and put on my make-up (by myself) and don't brush my hair (who does? messy buns, baby). Then I have to drive to the school and walk in like I haven't a care in the world! I make sure my classroom looks picture perfect, and then I am on stage ALL DAY LONG. I can't let those kiddos know if i've had a bad day, or if i'm annoyed with anyone, or if i'm too tired to even stand up. I have to act right through it. I have to make every. single. one. of them believe that I truly care about their 10 minute long stories about their dog. (I usually sincerely care for the first 5 minutes or so... I'm not a witch.) I need to dig up energy I didn't know existed within me to keep them all in line for 7 hours of the day. And I have to SMILE the whole time.

It may be only three points. 

But I don't see how we're much different from actors. 

Oh yeah, and we change lives.


  1. Miss Madeline lives by my old stomping grounds!! Grrr ... I'm a GRIZZLY.

  2. that dress is so cute!