Crossing Guards

Yesterday I was in a foul mood. I had just had a really bad day, so I went on a drive to help me clear my thoughts. 

It was about 3:30 in the afternoon when I went on my drive, so periodically there were crossing guards waiting for children as they walked home from school.

I stopped as one of the crossing guards put up their big red sign. I watched as those adorable children walked across the crosswalk and I thought to myself: Those children are safe. For that one split second, no one can harm them.

I watched a little boy who was at the front of the pack make it safely to other side. He kept walking until he had to cross a smaller road on the side. This time, there was no crossing guard, but he ran really fast and made it to the other side then continued walking as he picked up some snow and ate it. (Cause snow is the perfect after school snack.)

I started thinking about my bad day again as the crossing guard went back to his warm car. And all of a sudden, I had a thought: I have crossing guards in my life all the time.

For one split second, I am safe and no one can harm me. 
Like when my roommate leaves me a sweet note telling me how she loves me. Or when my friend spotlights me on her Instagram and writes really, really nice things about me. Or when I text my best gal, Shelby and she tells me exactly what I need to hear. 

Or when my mom calls me and we can't stop laughing (cause guys, my mom is hilarious).

Or when I talk to my little sister and she uses the words fortuitous and epiphany cause she's 14 and a genius. 

All these little things only last for a split second. They don't fix anything and they don't make my problems go away, but they give me protection. They surround me with happiness so I know that I can keep going. 

And sometimes, I'm like that little boy that has to go it alone for a little while, but realize that going it alone is the only way I will learn the experiences I need to. 

These "crossing guards" in my life give me strength and let me know that even though I'm scared, sick, or having a bad day that I will always have them there--putting up that big, red sign so I can have a split second of safety, protection, and happiness. 


  1. Elisabeth, I love your analogies. I loved this one in particular. I also thought of something similar, how God is always watching out for us and if we are always on his side, we're always going to be protected. Thanks for this. You're so creative and inspirational. I love it.

  2. This is so good. And I really needed it today. You are wonderful.