I'll Talk About Dating If I Want To


There are so many times when my roommate Amy & I talk well past midnight about dating.
How we just want so-and-so to date us. Or why boys talk about their "ideal" girl and it happens to be you and you're just like.....DATE ME YOU FOOL!!!

And luckily for me I've been in a "jerk" phase.
I've been having these things with boys who are kind of jerks.
I mean they're good boys and they don't mean to be jerks, they just don't have their act together yet. 
And I get really discouraged.
The kind of discouragement that settles in that crevice in your heart and for a split second you have this paralyzing fear....will I ever get married?

Because for SO LONG as women in the church we have been "programmed" to think that once we graduate high school, we're going to get married and have gobs of babies. And that's not usually the case.

In fact, that's never the case because everything happens in a completely different time table for every single person on this earth. 

Then there's the whole "no guys are going to be interested in you for your whole life and then the semester you decide to actually take school seriously every boy is interested in you". What's up with THAT?

And really, I know that I'll be fine. The way my life is going right now is exactly where it's supposed to be. But having the faith that Elder Maxwell is talking about is really hard to muster.

And that's my dating rant. You're welcome.

Come back next week for me blogging about how amazing my life is #girlbrain 


  1. You're just the best! Take it from someone who got married at 23 after she graduated college... It's worth it. It feels like being single will never end, but it will. Enjoy being single! I loved being single! Being single was my jam. And now I'm married and it's an even better jam. But I wouldn't trade those single days for anything. Live in the moment, everything will fall into place :)

  2. Being single is awesome! But you're right, dating is HARD!! And it sucks..but Heavenly Father knows what he's doing, and when it's right, it will be easier:)

  3. Being single is awesome! But you're right, dating is HARD!! And it sucks..but Heavenly Father knows what he's doing, and when it's right, it will be easier:)

  4. I have that timing quote in my living room! I have a blog post you need to read. It's about this exact same thing. It's so good to know that other LDS girls struggle with the same things!

  5. I love when people are real. And this post is so so real. For some reason, I never had the image of me getting married soon. I WANTED to wait until I was like 25. I swear it comes when you least expect it. I was FINALLY at the almost-marriage point, then we broke it off. Right when I didn't want to date again, I found my Mr. Right. It's weird how it works like that. My best advice to my friends (including you, my dear) that are single is to focus on yourself. Focus on making yourself better for that right guy, and put your trust in the Lord -- just like that quote above said! And let me tell you, it's definitely easier said than done. Love you, girl! Keep your chin up and focus on all the many things you have & are blessed with. Love you loooonggg time.

  6. Dating is incredibly depressing, especially when you see wonderful, perfectly date-able women around you, but you know they're not interested in you. I'm not sure if I'd rather face constant rejection from women after several dates or if I'd rather they say 'no' up front. The worst part, however, is the mystery. That is, sometimes being alone thinking "what is wrong with me?" Or "why am I unworthy of a relationship?" It's awful, Elisabeth. And the older you get, the less likely marriage becomes.
    You, however, are a smart, attractive woman. I think you have a bright future with dating and marriage. Like finding a job, leverage your network to find worthwhile men to date. You can also take a page from my book: widen your pool. I realized after years that things just weren't important to me, such as whether a woman has been chaste her entire life or how tall she is. Those things are silly. Now I just go for whomever I think would be a worthy companion. The person now is more important than the person then.