It's In The Little Things

I feel like this is a topic well known to most people.

That "it's the little things that count" or "it's the little things that make the most difference". And while I don't disagree with those ideas, I would venture to say that the little things are everything.

Action: When you ask your roommate if they want to watch a movie and they say no.
Interpretation: Okay, I didn't want to watch one either...

Or when you text someone and they never text you back. 
Yeah, I didn't want to talk to you. I only keep checking my phone every two seconds...

When people say hi to you even though you have your headphones on. 
Oh hey, maybe I did want to talk to you. Thanks for noticing.

Or you get a letter from your grandma for Valentine's Day. 
Wow, my grandma really loves me. #bestgrandmaaward

When you let people in and they hurt you. 
Didn't see that one coming. I didn't really like you anyway slash I actually really did.

Or when your Mom puts $25 in your account.
Gift from heaven, I tell ya. I have the most stellar mom in the whole world.

When I get to participate in conversations with my crazy professors.
I kind of hate most of you, but you're really smart and actually kind of awesome so I better listen to you because I have no idea what I'm doing.

When two of my neighbors come and talk to me even though I need to study.
I just really love you guys. 

When you go to Twizlberry and see that they have opened up a shoe store.
This brand extension is terrible. It doesn't even relate to frozen yogurt. I mean, if they were to open up a restaurant, that might make more sense but I'm just confused. #marketingbrain

These kinds of thoughts seriously make or break my day. That last one totally made my day because I'm actually applying what I'm learning in school so that's cool. 

I know I overthink things and a lot of those examples are kind of dumb, but it's important.
It's important because it doesn't take much for someone's action to affect our day & it doesn't take much for someone's kindness to make us feel wonderful about ourselves.

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