Testimonial Thursday (An Adaptation on Truth Tuesday)

I just really wanted to do a Truth Tuesday like Kelsey Keller Weller....(sidenote: whenever she's on the radio, I yell 'IT'S KELSEY KELLER WELLER' really loud in my car and now I've gotten my roommates to do it and now they all know who she is.) 

But since it's actually Thursday and not Tuesday, Testimonial Thursday has been born. You're welcome.

  • This lady followed me on Instagram and she's one of those ladies that does the wrap bands to lose weight. It didn't bother me that she followed me, but it just got me thinking about it. My body isn't perfect and I often wish I was skinnier, but I also believe it's important for us to love our bodies. I don't think we need to be extreme fitness gurus or health nuts, but we should understand how precious and sacred our bodies are. Let's just love them, kay? Cause I would much rather be fat and happy than skinny and forcing my body to do something it can't. 
  • Being tall is awkward. All around so much awkward.
  • I was in a meeting with some of my professors and one of them said something and I decided to comment on it. Then one of my professors told me that, that was the most she has ever heard me speak all semester. Geez, I need to speak up more because talking is one of my favorite things to do! This was also the same professor who got really excited when she heard me on the radio, so that was cool.
  • I've been SO OBSESSED with Boyce Avenue and The Cab lately. Their music is speaking to my soul.
  • All of my friends are getting home from their missions and bless their hearts. They've got that returned missionary awkwardness glow.
  • I'm ashamed to admit it, but I got Tinder again. And I got my roommate addicted to it, so that's hilarious. But I also kind of hate it because boys are inappropriate and dumb. Plus when you run into people you know, that's always a riot.
  • SO MUCH PDA. Like holding hands is enough, peeps. We know you're in love without sticking your hands in each other's back pocket and tonguing each other at the bus stop. So please. GET A ROOM. 
  • In regards to that last one, I think it's cause it's springtime. Everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime. (Including me...) I mean, what?
  • These cute friends of mine: WE ARE SO ADORABLE. I can't get enough of these fantastic girls whenever I go home.

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  1. You are darling!! :) Boyce Ave is my absolute FAVORITE! I'll have to try out The Cab. :)