What I DIDN'T Expect

When I started school in 2011 as a baby freshman, I knew exactly what was going to happen. I was going to be an elementary school teacher, I was going to be best friends with my roommates, and I was going to get a boyfriend.

It was a solid plan and I was enthusiastic and ready to "start" my life and get away from Sugar City. Almost instantly, it didn't end up that way. I took the first Elementary Ed. class and hated it, one of my roommates hated my guts, and I only went on one date that whole year. I also got SOOOO homesick. The minute my parents drove away after helping me move, I couldn't stop crying. I missed them and my family so much.

I didn't expect that.

My sophomore year, I started exercising more. My roommate, Naomi, showed me how to do my makeup and we combined our style forces and came up with some fabulous outfits.

I started gaining confidence. I started to feel pretty. 

I didn't expect that.

A couple days ago, I was at my internship with Utah Public Radio and it was one of my co-workers birthdays. The station staff had a mini party for him with some food and as I was sitting there listening to all the conversations taking place, I just felt SO LUCKY. I am SO BLESSED to know so many people who enrich my life. People who care about me and watch over me. Employers who tell me daily what a good job I'm doing. Co-workers to gab about boys with. Roommates who will geek out over The Bachelor with me. My PR pals who I can exchange and bounce ideas off of. Parents who love me even though I don't always appreciate them the way I should. Boys who will give me priesthood blessings and fix my car. Bloggers who support me and give me encouragement. Friends who know me inside and out and still love me.

I didn't expect that either. 

Wow. I'm such a blessed girl. 


  1. I love each and every part of this post. Isn't life funny? It' for sure a millions times better and happier than we could have ever imagined and hoped for. So glad you're doing well & happy. Love you girlie.


  2. I LOVE this! What an awesome take on things that you didn't expect! You're awesome Elisabeth!