My Life in Bullet Points.

  • I've showered twice this week and I've been wearing the same makeup since Thursday, if any makeup at all. Watch out, world. I'm here to shine.

  • Sometimes life is really scary. Kind of like if a bear was charging me. Will anyone give me pepper spray in a pink can to make it all better. That's a thing, right?

  • There's a blogger meet up at Kelsey Keller Weller's house this week and I am BEYOND stoked. If you want to come, you're invited! You don't even have to blog. Who knew?!

  • Popsicles? Snocones? Oh yeah...I've lost count on how many of those I've eaten. Don't judge me.

  • If I say you're endearing, that's the highest compliment I can bestow upon you.

  • I've been trying to write a dear boys all week and it's just not working. Like...I think my zest for boys has plummeted to an all-time low. It's practically off the charts. Yikes...

  • There's this boy in my ward who calls me Lizzie Lou and every time he calls me that, I just think about wearing a synthetic purple pant suit with a belly button cut-out singing "Hey now! Hey now!" You feel me, right?

  • If only all the boys in the world could see what my roommates and I do on a daily basis, they would marry us in a heartbeat. I don't think there's been a day when I haven't laughed. I love them to death, they're the best EVER.

  • She Got the Honey by Mat Kearney is MY JAM. Seriously, can't stop listening to it. 

  • If I could play sand volleyball all day, every day, I TOTALLY would. New favorite sport.

  • This parody of Fancy by Iggy Azalea is HILARIOUS. All my pregnant friends will totally enjoy this. You're welcome.

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  1. You are living the summer dream! Snowcones, no make up, and that movie (which cracked me up to no end).