Success: Because it's all I can think about.

I graduate next spring.

That's really, really, really soon and I unfortunately have been frightened of it. Which means all I've been thinking about is one question: HOW AM I GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL?

Which then leads to a more potent question: WHAT IS SUCCESS?

I often think of success as being the social media manager for Coca-Cola or doing PR for Disney. But these kinds of jobs are few and far between. They're not unattainable, mind you. Just extremely difficult to attain. 

But then I think of my mom. She is a working woman and has been my whole life. She has taught everything from 3rd grade to kindergarten for over 20 years. She's not the kind of teacher who gets the most requests or who changes every child who comes to her classroom. 


She's the kind of teacher who works her butt off so she can be the best teacher she can.
She's the kind of teacher who stays later than all the other teachers because she cares so much about what she's doing.
She's the kind of teacher who rallies for good education in politics and is a part of the Idaho Education Association.
She's the kind of teacher who gets involved.

Does the president of the United States know who she is? No.
Do the political leaders of Idaho know who is she? Not likely.
Does she make a difference in the community that she serves in? Absolutely. 


Let's take my dad too.
He worked at a consulting firm in Logan for years and then had a career change and we moved to Sugar City, Idaho so he could teach psychology at BYU-Idaho.

He's not the kind of professor who gets rallying reviews from every student he teaches or who feeds the souls of everyone who comes into his class so they absolutely LOVE psychology.

He's the kind of professor who uses his wisdom to avoid some pretty sticky situations.
He's the kind of professor who works extensively with mental health in Madison School District because he believes it's important to erase the stigma mental illness has brought to many students.
He's the kind of professor who knows the answer to every question students ask him because he studies and studies and is always reading and absorbing more knowledge.

Does the president of BYU-Idaho know who my dad is? No.
Does the superintendent of Madison School District know who he is? Maybe.
Does he affect the psychology department at BYU-Idaho and strive to make it the best department it can be? Absolutely.


It seems that I have to make that decision for myself. Except it's hard to feel like (at age 21), I can make a difference somewhere. That I can achieve the success I believe I want.

So while I still think being the social media manager of Coca-Cola would be an extremely successful career, is it possible to be successful without that? Do I need the validation of many other people to feel successful? Or does success come from within? How can success bring me happiness? Or does it?

Man, talk about a mid-life crisis.

What do you think? What makes someone successful?

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