I was the laurel president in my ward as a stalwart young woman at the age of 16. I adored all my leaders and all my beautiful friends who made my teenage years a complete dream. From my young women group, I always had friends, I never got bullied, had multiple "second moms", and never had to worry about anything except what I was going to wear the next day. It was magical.

I sat in those lessons about eternal marriage with dreamy eyes and wrote down my list of traits I wanted for my future husband with complete bliss. I never really got past that point. I never gave a mere thought to what would happen if that didn't happen. (Give me a break, I was 16.) 

Over the last year, I've definitely been giving my career it's own office in my mind. But today, it hit me:
I'm 21. I'm graduating from college. And I am not getting married.


I am done being the girl who pines over getting married and I'm done being the girl who puts dating before her schooling.

I am determined. I am ready to get somewhere in life. To own a house and a puppy and live the single life dream in Boston or New York or Maryland.

Will I get a master's degree? You bet I will.

Then will I get my doctorate? Absolutely. (There's totally a program to get your PhD in Social Media. I looked it up.)

Will I be the social media manager at Coca-Cola? Why not?

Will I do fashion advertising for Nordstorm? Oh yeah!

Can I run my own business and make a plug for social entrepreneurship? Heck yes!

So watch out world because I'm ready.


  1. I love this sooooOOOOoooo much! Because I have soooOOOOooo been there. Sometimes when I read your posts I feel like I'm taking a look at my own life, 6 years ago. I had a total identity crisis when I graduated unmarried....and now I'm kind of like, "I was really young. I'm surprised I thought that at all!" But I know at the time that it felt very real/tragic/discouraging/disenchanting. They don't really tell you much in YW about preparing for that "just in case you aren't married...." scenario, do they? Or if they do, maybe I magically didn't listen because I didn't think it was a real possibility. haha. I got little goosebumps when you described all your goals/dreams. Seriously, so excited for you! Because as amazing as marriage/motherhood has been for many of my friends who got married before 20 (or before 25), I wouldn't trade the world for the friends/travel/jobs/adventures I've been able to have because of my single status. And honestly, if I could go back to 20 and start it all over again, I'd choose this same path every time. Because marriage will be great when it comes, but in the meantime....my current life is also REALLY great. (And hard sometimes, but mostly REALLY great.) Live it up, my friend! Your 20s are going to be so rich and full you won't even be able to stand it! (Minus a couple Christmases now and then where you'll be reminded how single you are -- holidays are tough. haha. For that I say, get a puppy?)

    1. Why do I always write novels on your blog? I don't know. haha

  2. I loooooove this!!! Go get em girl!