The Art of Meeting Someone in Real Life, Who You First Met Online.

We all have those friends on Facebook that we've technically never met in real life. And at some point you will end up meeting one of them in real life. This situation can be a daunting and exciting one...if you know how to handle it.

While I am not an expert on this subject, I've definitely gone on my fair share of blogger meet-ups and Tinder dates. Follow these and you'll be golden.

1. Pretend like you don't know everything about their life.

Let's be serious, you've done your research. From Facebook to LinkedIn, you know where they work, where they're from and what their favorite snocone flavor is. But don't you dare let them know that. It's all fun and games until you spit out an obscure fact about them, then it just gets creepy.

2. Look the best you possibly can. 

If you're meeting bloggers, chevron & bubble necklaces are a must or wear anything from a thrift store. You gotta look like your blog pics or you're screwed. If you're meeting someone from Tinder, go out of your way to look exactly how you look in your Tinder photos but better. You'd expect nothing less of them, right? 

3. Always go for the hug when you greet them. 

You already know everything about their life, a handshake would just be weird. Break the touch barrier, I promise you'll feel a lot better about the whole situation if you do.

4. It's gonna be awkward.

You kind of run out of things to talk about because you've already read everything about their life. (Either from their blog or from stalking the boy/girl's insta). Am I right? There's gonna be awkward silence so embrace the awkwardness.

5. Always meet up somewhere.

You don't want them picking you up. Why? Cause while you might know that they wrestle pigs in their spare time, you don't know what their level of crazy is yet. Once you've determined this level and it is near your level or matches yours, it's appropriate to invite them over whenever. Cause now you're like best buds.

6. Realize that you most likely will never see them again.

While I haven't managed to get rid of Laura or Madeline yet...(Ha! Kidding. Love you guys!). More often than not, you probably won't ever talk to them again in real life. So, talk too much, be obscene, be hilarious, and be crazy because you most likely won't get that chance again.
(Well...try to not be TOO obscene..)

7. Admit It. You've stalked each other.

With blog friends, you tell each other how much you've stalked each other. It's actually an insult if they say "Oh well...I've only read a couple of your posts." Like no. You better know what I did three years ago on September 12 at 9:36 p.m. or we can't be friends.

On the other hand...it's way creepy to admit to someone of the opposite gender that you've stalked each other. Even though you both totally have stalked each other or wouldn't be meeting in the first place.

Admit stalkage at your own risk.

8. Have a code word. 

If the situation goes south, have one word you can text your best friend so he/she can call you and fake an emergency and get you out of there fast. Having an escape route is key.

9. When in doubt, talk about the other people you haven't met yet.

So you've obviously met online through blogging, Twitter, Tinder, or Facebook. Inevitably, you're already going to be in an "online click" with the someone you're meeting up with. Usually the other person is better friends with that other person you follow on Twitter. Talk about them because you'll want to know anyway. Plus gossip time!

Annnnndd my less satirical advice to anyone in this situation:

10. Be yourself. 

While it's all fun and games, just be you. If you're not automatic blogger buddies or don't end up dating that really hot Tinder guy. It's alright. You were you and that's all that matters. Keep your chin up and go and find more online friends who you've never met in real life!

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  1. hahaha this post is brilliant. I especially like number 1 ;)