When my dad gives me amazing advice about dating and it totally changes my whole life.

This summer was a complete nightmare for me: I started Tindering.

I matched with boy after boy and went on tons of dates.
At the time, I thought to myself that Tinder was amazing.
I was actually going on dates! This was a good thing! 

Many of my dates were great, I met some really nice guys and everything seemed perfectly fine.
Then I met this one guy. 

This guy was amazing.
He was so attractive and intelligent. I had so much fun with him. I thought I'd finally found someone that I really cared about and could see myself dating. 

Unfortunately, some poor choices were made and we didn't end up dating. I was really heartbroken. I was so heartbroken, I called my dad in tears. So frustrated by what had happened and had no idea what to do. I REALLY liked this guy. Why did he have to be a jerk? JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER GUY?

And then my dad said something to me that I haven't been able to stop thinking about. He said: "Elisabeth, you have got to stop thinking that this is it. That this is the only boy who will ever like you, so you have to make it work somehow. That is simply NOT THE CASE."

This has completely changed how I've thought about dating over the last month. BECAUSE HE IS SO RIGHT!! I am a beautiful, talented woman who isn't the type of person to dig my claws into the first guy who gives me attention.

Girls, this is exactly why we have problems with boys. Why everything seems to go wrong and why we're so frustrated by dating. We don't understand that there will be other boys. You don't need to pine over that one boy because there will be somebody so much better for you. It's OKAY to be single. Marriage is a result of a beautiful, wonderful relationship with someone because you love them. It shouldn't be a social status. It shouldn't be a sign of success. It's a sacred connection to someone.

We need to stop thinking this way. We need to be comfortable in our own skin and realize how influential and sensational we are as single women. We have so much opportunity because we're single! I'm moving to Arizona with my best friend after I graduate. Do you think I could just pick up my life and move wherever I want to if I was married? Not at all.

Girls, have more respect for yourselves than to chase after the only boy who gives you attention. Understand that marriage has a time and a place in Heavenly Father's plan. It's not a commitment to make lightly. Dating exclusively shouldn't be a light commitment either. You are beautiful and if you don't like a boy, move on! If you feel like you have to be physical with a guy to make something work, RUN. That is NOT the answer.

You are better than that and you deserve to fall in love with somebody who cares so much about you that he'll watch your favorite TV show with you even though he hates it. Or he'll randomly buy something for you at the grocery store because it made him think of you.

Dating is hard, ladies. It really is. I completely understand. But I also understand my worth as a daughter of God. And that's more important to me than any boy I meet on Tinder.


  1. Lis, you rock! That's all I need to say. #fountainofwisdom