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Oh...you want to know more about me? I'll oblige your curiousity. :)
My name is Elisabeth Gee. I'm 5'10", spunky, and fashionable. And I'm sure you'll get to know more about me when you start to follow, so if that little tid-bit wasn't enough, you should start following me. :)
Here's a little somethin-somethin I wrote when I started having blogging withdrawals. :) Hope you enjoy!

Positivity: Laugh At the Little Things
Positivity is magic. Seriously, why NOT be positive? Nevertheless, to have positivity you must keep a positive attitude. Now, I know that sounds a little daunting, maybe even impossible. I know it did to me.  
That’s where the magic comes in.
The magic of the little things that make you laugh: A girl behind you yelling to the world that “MY LIFE IS SO EPIC RIGHT NOW” because she gets to go to China for $500, a Down syndrome kid painting pumpkins in the front yard, your roommate decorating your apartment for Halloween with orange and purple lights. And let’s not forget…seeing a tire swing and having the extreme urge to play on it.
It’s ALWAYS the little things.
Things that wouldn’t necessarily make the front page news of any newspaper, but definitely make YOUR front page news.
I figure if you don’t laugh at the little things, then why would you laugh at the big things?
So go out and laugh. See what happens. J

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