Why I Like Being the Average Height of a Man

I had a reader e-mail me a couple of months ago and she asked this:
How do you feel about being tall?
Well, I've been tall my whole life.
  (Point of comparison: this best friend of mine is 4'11")

It's not easy being the average height of a man, but ya know...I deal with it.
Most times I don't really notice it, because well, a point of comparison isn't always available.
  But when I DO notice it, it makes me feel a little self-conscious.
There are only so many boys in the world who are taller than 6 foot and let's be honest, the boys that are taller than 6 foot are sometimes really weird. Like "I hide in my man-cave and I can't talk to girl if it kills me" kind of weird.
However, through all the toil & strife of being tall, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

-I don't have to ever ask my husband to get that cup down from the top shelf. I can be independent!

-I don't have to worry about getting lost in a crowd. Just look for the tall girl with glasses!

-I have the option of being married to a basketball player who's like 7 foot. Because really, what 5 foot something girl wants to be 2 feet shorter than her husband? Kissing would be an adventure for them.

-When I wear high heels, I'm a boss.

-I have the designated job in my family to put the star on the top of the Christmas tree.

-I never have to worry about having my view blocked in a movie theatre.

-The little old ladies at the grocery store always ask me if I'll help them reach something. I get to do service!

-My legs are like a million feet long. And that's sexy!

-I get places a lot faster than most people because my stride is HUGE.

-I never have to worry about not reaching a bar to hold onto on the bus. Halleujah for that!

-People always assume I'm like 24, which is awesome because then people assume that I'm super mature. (Ha! I'll let them think what they what to...)

-I have better access to oxygen.

-I never get called shortie. Take that Justin Bieber.

-When someone asks "how's the weather up there?" I can really tell them.

Sometimes it's hard to be tall...like when every boy in your ward is shorter than you. That's always a riot. 
However, I've learned a lot from it. I've learned to accept myself for who I am and I enjoy being tall!! It's truly part of the person I've become and it's a characteristic I would never trade for anything.
And that's why I like being the average height of a man. 

Why do YOU like being you?


  1. ahaha the biebs comment killed me. I love this. Own it! Long legs ARE sexy. Or so I've heard. And it's true about the tall fellas -- I have a friend who is 6'5 and he said the other day that it's hard for him to date girls under 5'10 because he doesn't want to get back problems from bending over to kiss her. ahaha

  2. Excellent post and excellent attitude! You rock chica.

  3. Hahaha I love this so much! I can't even pick a favorite part I just keep laughing over and over! I love you so much and I'm so happy youre tall! It makes my life so much easier! ;) I love being me because I have a really great BFF. And if I wasn't me; I wouldn't !!!!

  4. youre awesome elisabeth! haha you could share the height...with me? i love being me because i like kitties...and orange juice. and i have an amazing missionary who i wouldnt give up for the world! :)

  5. AMAAAZING post! I'm on the tallish side 5'8". And strangers at the grocery store ask me for help with topshelf items ALL THE TIME! So I guess that's cool..


  6. You own it, girl! I love your attitude about your height! I'm not tall, but my husband is short too, he's maybe an inch taller than I am....my family finds that kind of weird because every other man in my entire extended family is over 6 foot. They think we're both like mini-people, but I think it's great because we're so close to the same size. I think it would be so weird to have to reach up to kiss a guy. :P But it's all what you're used to!

  7. Elisabeth. You are just so great. I wish you had your confidence. I have always been insecure about my height but you managed to find all the good in being tall! That is so inspiring to me :) I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing your confidence with the world. Love you girl! :)

    1. Oh trust me, I'm definitely insecure about it! It's SO hard! :( But always focusing on the insecurities is pointless. Why not be confident about it?! :) We're sexy beasts. :) haha! LOVE YOU!!! :) Thanks for being my friend, miss samantha! :)

  8. Pretend I am not the one telling you this ... but you are taller than the average height for a man. :\ I know, but I am too. :) The average American man is 5'9". :)

  9. k i tried commenting on this yesterday on my phone but apparently it didn't work out so well. but yeah! i'm 5'10" and my best friend is 4'11". i look like a crazy jolly green giant every time we hang out, but i {sometimes} love it a little bit. luckily my husband is 6'3" so i can wear pretty decent heels & still be shorter than him. love this post!

    xo, b.

  10. i loved this!! Gave me such great perspective on being tall. The only thing I wish it that the short men will just give up on us tall girls! Thats one i still find weird, is when you actually have to bend down to give the guy a hug

  11. the Justin Bieber comment cracked me up!! I couldn't stop laughing. I love how you always look at the bright side of things. I am grateful for tall people like you that help me reach the chips at walmart!!I like being short though because I can fit into kids clothes sometimes and it is cheaper!!

  12. Haha I totally love this post, I can totally relate and I am just 5'8''! I love the floor length dress comment, amen sister! You're great! Thanks for the wonderful post to make my day a little brighter :)

  13. You will never have to hem anything! When I entered the MTC in 2009, I was 5'10". I grew a couple inches on the mission...I'm now 6' and I love it! Shopping is always an adventure and I have the greatest assortment of clothes. (When it fits in the shoulders, is long enough in the torso and legs, I buy it. Every time.) Love your blog chica!