you don't get to decide for me

I'd be lying if I didn't say I've had it rough for the last little while. It's been a long year of trials and hardships. A lot because of my own doing, but also by circumstances I wasn't able to control. 

However, I finally figured out something that's catastrophically altered my life. 


I get to decide that I'm beautiful and funny and intelligent and sexy. 
I get to decide that I'm wonderful and caring and empathetic and compassionate.

Cause guess what? I am all those things and so much more

My life shouldn't revolve around what that really cool kid on Twitter thinks about my tweets or what that girl thinks about my outfit. It shouldn't revolve around my ex-boyfriends or my roommates or my parents. 

If you think I'm fat, guess what? You don't get to decide that. I'm the only one in the entire world who gets to decide that I'm gorgeous just the way I am. Thank you very much. 

Isn't that so incredibly freeing?! No more wondering if my ward crush thinks I'm adorable or how I'm going to get that guy to like me. I'm not about that life.

I've started celebrating all the truly lovely things about me.
I'm celebrating the fact that I'm an amazing daughter of God who's potential spans farther than getting married or having the perfect job. I'm celebrating the immense love I have for my friends and my family. I'm celebrating my love for national parks and running. 

I'm celebrating who I really am, what I truly love doing, and what makes ME happy.

And if any of you know me, you know I love celebrating. (Birthdays are my very favorite holiday.)

So welcome to the world happy, confident Elisabeth. You're a pretty rad girl to have around. 


  1. Proud proud proud of you girl! You have always been beautiful and a source of light and love! A very inspiring post!

  2. you are so beautiful!!! :) I love your hair.. #getitgirl