I've Changed!!


I was Facebook stalking myself today when I came across about five pictures that made me think to myself:
Holy macral! I've changed SOOO much!
In 2008, I was a freshman in high school. I was extremely self-conscious and overweight.
I thought I was ugly and awkward.
My hair was short and stubby.
I was on the freshman girl's basketball team, but that didn't make my life easy. It was hard. Really hard.
I got my first C in school EVER!
I had a huge crush on a boy and all I wanted to do was get to know him.

 Now in 2012, I still have a crush on that same boy, but he knows who I am and we're good friends. However, I explore other options. I want to get to know other people, not just him.
I'm a sophomore in college and I'm still self-conscious, but I'm slowly learning to be comfortable in my own skin. 
I think I'm pretty and definitely not as awkward.
I've let my hair grow out.
 I've learned to be more mature, to let things go, go with the flow, and to serve others instead of being selfish.
I love getting an education and learning about things that actually interest me.
I love getting to know so many different kinds of people and realizing that even though they might not be like me, I have something to learn from them.
I'm so glad I'm the person I am today!
Just look how much I've changed!


  1. You are so great Elisabeth! :) People say don't ever change but it looks like you have changed for the better so keep it up :)

  2. Look at that tall drink of water! Ooooo la la!!

  3. You are extremely beautiful in every way!

  4. Let me just tell you babe, it only gets better from here. I had a long, painful awkward phase and totally starting coming into myself in college. What's even better is that I REALLY found myself post college. It was a slow process but the difference is huge from high school to college, and then again from college to now. It's amazing what some independence and life experience can do for your self confidence. (And physically, if you're like me, I really didn't grow into myself until like 23 or 24...and I still have my awkward days now and again. haha.) Go get 'em Tiger!

  5. youre gorgeous elisabeth! and i am in love with your dress! i have a weakness for them.

  6. Hello!

    Cute dress! I found your blog on the GFC Blog Hop and I'm your newest follower. Happy Holidays!!

    Lillies & Silk

  7. You are beautiful!!! I love your personality. It really isn't "changing", it is finding out who you are :)

  8. Girl, you don't look awkward at all! I know how you feel though! Isn't it great to see the positive changes you've made over the years?! Super cute blog! Found you from the gfc blog hop! You can find me here: http://www.alyssadawsonblog.com/

  9. My dearest Elisabeth, holy cow, I did not even recognize you in the first picture! After some deliberation I decided that it's because you weren't smiling. You are so gorgeous, my friend! Your confidence shines through and adds to it. :)

  10. Your hair is amazing. If I didn't have to be a blonde, I'd go chestnut brown, like yours.