Can I Be Conceited For A Second??

I love how much I've changed.

Look at me!

I was five years old in this picture.

                               I was in 8th grade in this picture

and NOW look at me!!
Cute, right?

If you ever told me how pretty I would be. I would have thought you were nuts. 
If you ever told me how much of a people person I would be. I would have thought you were insane.
I never imagined that my life would be more than I ever dreamed of.
I never imagined that I would love reading and writing.
I never imagined that I would actually BE in college. 
What a dorkie little girl I was:
I actually owned a pair of hott pink corduroy pants when I was in sixth grade and I WORE them. Bleck.
The change I've seen in myself is AMAZING!
I'm not perfect. I know that. I've just been able to see myself in a different light. 
And that's awesome.

I've learned that you've just gotta be yourself and be happy with that.
Self-confidence is an automatic man/woman attract-er.
self-confidence is something that I definitely have.
I still have my moments of 'I wish I was skinny' or 'Why doesn't he like me?'
for the most part, I like myself. And that's a talent I will always cherish.

I just felt like be conceited just for a second. Can you blame me?? ;)


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  2. You go girl! You tell us how pretty you are because you are BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad you like yourself, because yourself is wonderful and stunningly gorgeous. I love this post.

  3. That isn't conceited, just condfident like you said, which is a breath of fresh air. We girls are always so hard on ourselves and It is so good to hear a girl speak positively about herself! You are so amazing Liz! Thanks for the amazing example you are!!! Love ya Kate M.

  4. I love you soo much! This is just what I needed to hear today. Do you remember how awkward I used to be? Yup, that's why we were friends. Though I haven't come as far as you have I'm on my way there. Thanks for being so awesome!

  5. I love you! You are my role model!!!!

    1. AWE!! Jill! Thanks!! :) I love you too! :)

  6. This is a very inspirational post. So glad you can see yourself for what you are!