Waste a Moment

I've never thought of myself as an insightful person.
I mean, really, I haven't even lived for two decades yet!
sometimes I like to pretend I am.
Like today,
I was listening to the radio and the song Misery by Maroon 5 came on.
Me and my friend, Lindsay, have this WAY big inside joke with that song
while I was in the car (alone I might add),
I laughed OUT LOUD.
(Dontcha love doing that?)
that laughing biz got me thinking.

I started thinking about high school in particular because when you're in high school people always tell you to not waste a moment. Cherish it all. Live it up. Make sure you don't do this and make sure you don't do that.
But...that doesn't make any sense.
Moments are wasted all over the world. Yeah, high school was high school. I had sooo many wonderful memories with lots of wonderful people.
But moments are just moments.
I say...
Waste them all you want!
Waste moments watching eight chick flicks in a row.
Waste moments talking until 2 o'clock in the morning about everything and nothing.
Waste moments having a sleepover with 16 of the best girls in the whole wide world. (Yes, I did say 16)
Waste moments sleeping in because you're subconsciously trying to procrastinate homework.
Waste moments driving around Rexburg trying to find something to do.
Waste moments everywhere and all the time.

Because if those moments mean something to you, then they weren't wasted at all. Were they?


  1. wow, that was very insightful! and so true!

  2. love..that is all I have to say.....LOVE