Homesickness...FIGHT THE FIGHT!

I know I'm a cute, little newbie to the whole college biz.
college is definitely a lot harder than my preppy school counselors made it up to be.
Homesickness has bombarded my body like a sticky, demonic virus.
And it won't go away...
I found a cure!
(Disclaimer: this cure will not work for everyone. Homesickness is personal and must be taken care of..well...personally.) :)
My cure is to stay busy.
Consume my mind with thoughts of becoming a prestigious, acclaimed, stereotypical book editor!!
I've even got me some spectacles! I totally fit the book editor stereotype.
I think a lot of my homesickness was tied to the fact that I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
When I arrived at Utah State I had a plan:
-Get into the Elementary Ed. program
-Have a boyfriend
-Be an awesome-kid-lovin teacher
-Life is bliss.
That was a good plan! Until...
-I took an El. Ed. class and hated it.
-I've only been on one date this whole year.
-Kids hate me
-Life was a lot harder than I expected it to be.
SOOOO....time for a new plan?
I think so.
The plan is still in the works, but I've got a pretty good idea. :)


  1. I have been reading through your archives and I love your blog sooooo much. You remind me of well, me when I was younger and prettier. I adore your notes to boys!

  2. But, Elisabeth, you are at home right now. ????

  3. oh freshman homesickness! don't you even worry that i remember EXACTLY how that feels! i think my "coping method" was to cry and call home once a day. but anyway. it gets better. and it goes by faster than it feels. in the meantime, stay up too late and do some immature stuff at 3am. that's all my advice. haha

  4. Elisabeth! You are so amazing, give it time and things will fall into place! You are such a cute girl, I just love ya!

  5. We CAN'T WAIT to hear what your new plan is!!!!!

  6. Girl, I know how that goes. That basically sounds like my Freshman year, too. I was even an Elementary Ed. Major! Things work out, though. You are super cute, and you seem so fun!