I'm TOTALLY an emotional eater.

I'd rather drink juice than milk.

I only just started wearing foundation.
I didn't start wearing mascara until I was fourteen.

I'm a grammar geek.

I paint my nails so I don't bite them.
But it never works.

I only wear my "full-blown" makeup look on special occasions.

Cute boys scare me.

I twist my hair.

I'm addicted to instagram.
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Advice I need to take:


  1. I can totally relate, especially the one about your nails! I paint mine to not bite them but I end up scraping off the nail polish and biting them anyway! I also love your blog :)

  2. I totally did like this exact same post last week. Blog stealer!! Jk I still love you!

  3. I kind of plan out cute outfits so that I'll wear the cutest ones when I'm seeing the most people. Even if that means grocery shopping, haha.
    I also paint my nails so I won't bite them. It works, but then I bite my cuticles or just pick at them. So annoying.

    1. Hahaha!! I totally do both of those things!! :) :) Gotta love being a girl :)