Let's Talk College

I'm almost officially done with my first year of college!!
It's SO exciting! I'm a little freaked out though. It seems like I just started!
I don't want to be a big-shot sophomore. Sad day.

However, I will be starting up again in the fall, which means I have to spend A LOT of money.
Books, housing, groceries, clothes, fees, notebooks, pens...the list goes on.
there's this way cool website called Campus Book Rentals.
This company rents books for cheap, which helps my wallet a bunch.
They are also partners with Operation Smile.
Operation Smile helps give children with cleft palettes the surgeries they need.
I'm definitely hittin' up Campus Book Rentals for my books next year. :)


  1. Hooray for finishing up your first year of college! No worries...being a sophomore's no big thing. It's senior year when things start getting REALLY scary! :)