My Hair Has Reached The Armpit Stage

All during high school, I never had long hair.
I chopped it off all the time.
First day of school: chop.
Middle day of school: chop.
Last day of school: chop.
Yup, I'm a chopper.
(SEE! Look at my short hair?!)

However, now that I can't mooch off my parents and use their money to get a haircut.
I haven't cut my hair for at least 10 months.
Because of this, my hair has reached the armpit stage.
The stage where your hair frequently gets caught in your armpit because its long enough to reach that awkward part of your body.
I love it though.
Long hair is so rad.


  1. I have never had long hair before either and now I do! :] {Thank you pregnancy!} I've been loving it!!

  2. ahaha "middle day of school." love that.

  3. So... this was listed as a "you might also like"... the funny thing about it is I was hiking earlier today and my hair was getting stuck in my armpits. Oh the troubles of long hair. You might sometimes have your head stuck leaning to one side as a result.