Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime?

Summertime is here people!
My little sisters know how to do summer right:
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In the summertime, I make goals.
I'm a goal-maker.
I decided that there were three things that I needed to improve upon in my life:
1. Being Healthy
2. Being Smart/Wise
3. Being Spiritual
And how do I go about accomplishing that?
With these three goals:

1. Go running EVERY DAY!! Even if it kills me (which it might).

2. Spend money WISELY! Basically, only spend money on food this summer. I've gotta start saving my money.

3. Read my scriptures EVERY NIGHT!! When I'm dead tired, that's when I should be reading my scriptures the most. I'm also going to record what I read & the promptings I get from the passage that I read.

Alrighty, now that you know about my overzealous ambitions, you have to hold me accountable. Mmk?

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