Me, My Big Mouth, & I

My mouth & I have been at war with each other for a while now.
My brain tells my mouth:
"Hey mouth, you shouldn't say that. You might offend someone."
But no, my mouth is all like:
"Hey brain, I think I'm going say it anyway. Who's it really gonna hurt?"
Boy. My mouth needs to take lessons from up top.
Or maybe I just need to learn to stop gossiping.
That could be it.
At Quiznos today, my manager pulled me aside.
(When this happened, I almost had a mini panic attack because last time, I almost got fired)
She said that she had heard from someone that I had said that I thought she didn't like me.
(Got all that?)
Which was actually true. I just felt really bad because she had heard it from someone else.
And I had felt the need to exclaim my frustration to my coworkers.
I really should have known that it would have gotten back to her.
That's why my mouth & I are still at war.


  1. Ouch. . . . I have the mouth-brain war too. . . . I guess it's just part of being outgoing, fun, awesome, and loud. >.<

  2. Ehhhh . . . story of my life right here. Were we maybe separated at birth? I think we need to talk to our parents about something like that.

  3. Oh man, yeah sometimes my mouth gets the better of me too! haha! Lately I've just been trying to be more positive but it can really be a challenge! Have a great Sunday!! Found you from vwb blog hop! (: