Since It's Sunday...

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I absolutely LOVE Sundays.
It's my day to chill, drink some lemonade, and indulge in a cookie or two (or four).
A lot of what I've been thinking about lately relates to missionaries.
As I was driving in my car, I had a brilliant idea begin to formulate.
Me and some of my girlfriends have decided to make packages to send to all the boys from our high school that are currently serving missions.
It's going to be a neat experience.
Missionaries have such a divine role in Heavenly Father's plan and I'm so extremely grateful for the sacrifice and service that these young men have gone through so that they can do what the Lord wants them to do.
Today in church we talked about missionary work (which I thought was extremely ironic considering what I'd been thinking about the whole week). We talked about the money that goes into it, the death that occasionally occurs in families while the boys are gone, and how hard the actual mission is.
It's such a big testimony to me of the work that is happening here on earth because of the sacrifice of valiant young men.

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A little thought from Courtney:


  1. Thanks for linking up Elisabeth! Love that you're making missionary care packages.. that's so sweet and I'm sure they will love them! :)

    1. Thanks, Courtney! You are too nice! :)

  2. I was so happy to see that you were co-hosting this week, girl!! Love the missionary package idea - I should do the same thing! I'm sending off another missionary just this week!! SO crazy that kids my age are leaving for two years to preach the Gospel - and SO wonderful! Thanks for linking up, and for your sweet testimony of missionaries and missionary work. :)

    Love ya!! :)