Today I ate too much food.
Today I woke up at 1:00 p.m. (Not ashamed)
Today I signed up for my free subscription to Netflix and I haven't left my laptop all day.
Today I went ice blocking. 
  Today I'm missing someone so much, it hurts. I'm missing Justin.
Today I didn't shower.
Today my family left for D.C. without me.
Today I have old crusty mascara making patterns on my face.
Today I'm listening to love songs just so I stay sad.
Today I wore basketball shorts all day long.
Today I ate otter pops.
Today I made muffins & ate lots of batter.
Today I got more missionary addresses for my packages!
Today I want to crawl in a hole.
Today I've let my daydreams go too far.
Today I want to cry, but the tears aren't coming.


  1. I LOVE Netflix. And ya know what? I'm missing someone so much too... it's so hard! Loved this post :) Will definitely be copying soon haha

    1. I love you, Brooklyn!! I can't wait to hang with you and chat missionaries!!!! :) :)

  2. This day sounds like such a mixture of good and not so good. Haha. I hope tomorrow is better! :) Or today/yesterday since I'm reading this post late. Haha.