Writing Missionaries

As an average 19-year old girl, I am at the age where writing missionaries is kind of a big deal.
I know there are some missionaries I should write to.
However, I don't really want to.
I don't want to because I don't want to get caught up in the hype of writing a missionary.
Explanation: I don't want to write a missionary to expect something to happen when he gets home. 
Ya know what I mean?
People always tell me that missionaries LOVE letters.
But I'm not so sure.
If they love letters then why don't they write back?
Or better yet, why do we put missionaries all in the same category?
What if some missionaries are so popular that they are constantly getting letters from girls and they hate it?
I don't want to get put in that "every girl writes to me" category.
What are your opinions?
Yay or nay to writing missionaries?
I'm very stumped on this subject.


  1. If you were good friends before and talked a bunch do. If not, don't. If you sit down to write a missionary and have no clue what to say to them, that's probably a good hint that you shouldn't. If you constantly wishing they were around to talk to, that's a good hint you should.

  2. As a complete non-expert in this area, as I have promised to write numerous elders and sisters and have written ONE letter, I can't give you any advice. I'll just say that this post made me nod and smile. ;)

    I'm so excited to see you tomorrow!!!

  3. definitely yay - my brothers serving right now and i am so grateful for all the people that write him letters because i know that sometimes its hard, and sometimes he gets down and any kind of letter, from anyone, makes his day. dont do it for him or for you, do it because you support what he's doing :) if something happens later it doesn't have to be because you supported him in serving the Lord, thats something you'd do for anyone :)

    1. Thanks for the advice, fellow Elisabeth. :) I never really thought about it like that before!! :)

  4. As a returned missionary myself I say YAY because letters are really awesome. When I wrote fellow friends on their missions (before, during and after mine)I made sure to mention ways to continue to be strengthened spiritually. Definitely keep the letters positive because that goes a long way. :)

  5. I write like 4 missionary friends and 2 cousins. Sometimes I feel lame and don't wanna write anything so I'll send a good scripture and a "Love ya and praying for ya!" And they've said even that makes their day. And my friend in Korea writes back every 4-5 months but always thanks me for writing him. I guess it could totallly depend on the person though.

  6. I agree with the first comment most. If you have nothing to tell them...dont write haha.
    I had several good guy friends I wrote to while they were gone.
    While I was, a guy I recently had become friends with (and RM) told me that guys didn't exactly expect something to happen, but certainly wondered if anything would.
    When the first of my group got back..I flat out asked him. (we were like bro and sis so...) He said it was bull. But then another one got home...he was for sure wanting something to happen.

    In comparing the 2....the 1st guy didnt want anything to happen even before he left...the 2nd guy might have even before he left.

    AND so....this novel's advice. Depends on your relationship pre-mish. Good luck figuring that out though hahahaha

  7. I think if I were a missionary I would want to get letters. Boys or girls it wouldn't matter...I would just want to hear from people back home! Anyway, it was SO good to meet you yesterday!!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  8. missionaries LOVE getting letters. I promise you. It's hard to respond to every one because they can only write letters on Pday and it only lasts from 10 am - 5 pm and there is so much to do that sometimes letters go unresponded. But they definitely do not go unappreciated.