Girls Need Friends

(Inspired by Little Miss Momma)
When I was about 17, I asked my dad who his best friend was.
"Your mom is my best friend." was his confident & simple reply.
(This picture of my parents is hilarious.)
He also told me that he doesn't really have super close "guy" friends. 
He doesn't need them, I guess.
My mind was boggled. How could you not have friends?!
Then I asked my mom who her best friend was.
She was less quick to answer. Not because my dad wasn't her best friend, but because she has lots of friends.
Friends from college, friends from the school she works at, friends from our ward, etc.
She definitely has friends.
I've often wondered why girls need friends and I think I've come up with something.
Girls need friends because we like having someone to relate to.
Someone to tell us that we're not crazy.
Someone to reassure us that we're not alone in this wild, unpredictable world.
Someone to be the mortar to our bricks.
Someone to tell us we're doing the best we can and that's all that matters.
As women, we need that special bond that only other women can give us. It makes us feel loved & cared about in this world. 
I have friends because they enrich my life.
(These girls are my best friends in the entire world!)
They make me laugh.
They give me a reason to smile.
They know me inside & out and still want to be friends with me.
They love them unconditionally & have never let me down.
I think that's why girls need friends.


  1. I love this. And only too true. :)

  2. Hey Elisabeth! I saw you followed me on my blog, so I decided to come visit and I'm so glad I did! You have such a cute blog here, and you, my dear, are way too cute too!
    I love this post. There's nothing like girlfriends to brighten your day!

  3. i agree!! friends are a must and good ones are just a blessing!

  4. Friends help keep us girls sane!! Such a cute post!:)

  5. we actually talked about this topic in one of my classes in college (holla at the MFHD major!)...both men and women crave emotional connections, and women can get that a) with their husband, and b) with their girlfriends. men have a hard time forming emotional connections with other men, so the only other option they have would be a) their wife, and b) other female friends....and, emotional connections with other female friends is often inappropriate for men. so there ya go! women tend to have a lot of friends outside their marriage because they can emotionally connect with the same gender, while it's harder for men to do so.

    1. *...inappropriate for men when they are married* i meant to say. i hope this all came out making sense.